7June2013 : Important Note!!! Be sure that the folder name is not corrupted in the unzipping process. The folder should be named “Baseline_script_by_modern_dj” EXACTLY. If this is not the case, change the folder name.  If you want to use a different name, there are instructions in the readme.py file on renaming.

17April2013 :

Been working hard to update my MIDI Remote script for Ableton Live 9.  I finally got to a release point, and this page supports the release.

Enter your email address to download Baseline Script 1.0.0

Any and all questions or commentary need to be sent to marc@modern.dj

This release allows the user to :

  • Configure a matrix (red box) of any size
  • Assign notes to  the matrix
  • Optionally use RGB velocity based feedback for matrix note states including :
    •  Clips loaded
    • Clip triggered to play
    • Clip Playing
    • Configurable for all velocity feedback enabled devices
  • Add UP/DOWN matrix navigation
  • Add LEFT/RIGHT matrix navigation
  • Add stop button assignments
  • Add stop all button assignment
  • Add scene launch control
  • Enable tempo control with these features :
    • Button based tempo UP and DOWN assignments
    • Assign UP and DOWN volume in whole and floating number intervals
    • Assign different UP and DOWN values
  • Add Volume (CC values) control to the red box via 1 of 2 methods
    • Volume associated with the “Red Box” and moves as such
    • Static volume with optional offsetting (required for advanced controllerism).

All of the information you need to know is on the readme.py file. Use notepad or a similar program to read the instructions.

This is a beta release. Your email is collected to update you on improvements. Your email will be added to the DJNSM template and scripting email list via http://modern.dj, our Controllerism and anti-gravity research wing.


This is the early version of the script for our new web app.  It is going to be awesome.

If you would like to contribute, please get in touch via GitHub where I am hosting the project. Downloads form this source is not recommended – I don’t always play nice with my commits.

UPDATE : May 2013! Back port now available!

The story is simple, I needed to play a gig with my Livid Base and refuse to use Live 9 (I’m not stupid). So I quickly back-ported this script to Live8.  The important part is that I left in all the Live9 code in place commented out showing a roadmap for converting Live8 scripts to Live9. Get the files off the GitHub account here or download the entire *.zip including the Baseline_script_by_modern_dj script.