Here’s some of my favorite work from the past few years.  Video has been key in providing the necessary reflection in evolving the sound and ideas further. The labors of video dictate practice and planning. The constant review, in near real time, promoting growth and development. Electronic music is moving fast, what will next year look like?

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Starting in 2012 VIMEO uploads for performance and music (only)

Selected Video Feeds

Live at Meadowlark (sample):

Testing out the new A/V bootlegger – loving the results as this is part of a documentation project of electronic music in Denver.

Demo Reel 2011 :

Current accumulation of ideas and methods. As soon as this is edited down and uploaded things are get better. Just like computers and technology. This video has nice analog synthesizer,  tone, and methods in the mix.

Using Ableton to produce control voltage :

The Slim Phatty was purchased essentially to test this idea documented in this video.  Moog synths can coordinate with line voltage generated by a standard audio signal.

MIDI Fighter :

Earlier in the “film career” this video is a celebration of MIDIFighter coolness and exploration of the camera. We fight the battles of complexity the find the habits of simplicity.

Old Demo Reel :

A great reference documenting the evolution of a modern performance solution. I still love analog filters, but less is more was an important lesson learned.